Battle of the Best: The Battle of the Brits

After over two months of voting, the battle is almost won:


8 responses to “Battle of the Best: The Battle of the Brits

  • evan

    i’d like to change my vote to radiohead…

  • bobfunk

    Well, then it’s all tied up, because I’m voting for The Beatles.

    We really need to get some more votes on this one – it would be sad to have such a low turnout on the final.

    Evan, when do you see Radiohead? So, jealous.

  • Korn

    Evan, did you see Radiohead last night? I had a few friends head over for the show. I’m sure it was outrageous.

  • evan

    yeah the concert was last night, and so i’ve been on a radiohead kick for the past week, hence the probably temporary change of vote. i really shouldn’t be voting in this, it’s pretty much a tie for me, but the concert was sooo good i’ve got to go with radiohead. we had pretty amazing seats for the show too, which was awesome.

    though the whole thing was great, my highlights were talk show host, climbing up the walls, idioteque, reckoner, and faust arp (thom messed up midway through, joked about it, played part of some funny country song which he kind of new the words to, then tried to play faust arp again, messed up again, said “ah fuck it” before giving it one more try and nailing it).

    really really amazing show. i bought a poster.

  • bobfunk

    That sounds amazing.AMAZING.

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