Guess Who’s Back?


My head is about to explode. I know not all Owl Pellets writers are Phish phans, but I certainly am, and my long absence has been long enough… This deserves a post. Phish, that loved and hated jam band of the ’90s, is reuniting in March 2009. Three shows have been scheduled in Hampton, Virginia on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of the month. According the band’s website, other dates will be scheduled. Presently presiding in Burlington, Vermont at the University of Vermont (birthplace of the band), I’m hoping for a homecoming here. (Both Anastasio and Gordon are appearing solo in Burlington this fall, and McConnell payed a visit this summer.)

Tickets are being sold lottery-style, to no doubt subdue millions of phans that have been waiting for this day for… Too long. Phish is selling tickets through their website, by request. Buyers select their tickets and hand over their personal information, and their names are put into a lottery that will end on October 8, 2008. E-mails to lottery winners will be sent out prior to the shows in March. Each ticket is $49.50 with a $5.40 service fee and $10.00 shipping fee.

Hampton is no stranger to Phish, nor is it to many phans; Phish’s Hampton Comes Alive, a live, 6-disc album released in 1998, was nominated for a Grammy that same year. The band was presented with a Jammy this past year in New York, and since, rumors have been “phlying” about their reunion. It looks like a lot of phans had their fingers crossed, and not in vain, for this one.


(I apologize for my horribly designed post. I was in a rush.)


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One response to “Guess Who’s Back?

  • C. West

    Congrats to all you phans out there. I am very happy for you. I’ve been hearing excitement from all my Phish phriends, so I’m kind of pumped just through proxy.

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