Burn After Reading

Written and directed by the Coen brothers – you know, the guys that directed Fargo, The Big Lebowski, andNo Country for Old Men. In fact, the Coen brothers placed for something like five Owl Pellets in our first annual film awards (for No Country for Old Men).

In any case, I had a free evening a couple nights back and decided to go see Burn After Reading. Let’s just say I’m glad that I only had to drop $3 to see it.

Burn After Reading is essentially a series of wacky misunderstandings (think Friends.. yeah, the TV show) which lead to lack-luster punchlines. It’s half ass humor.

You might think that the cast of this movie would save it, but even the cast disappointed. Brad Pitt and John Malkovich where easily the most enjoyable characters, but, just like every other character, there was never enough space in the film to feel invested in them.

There are a few enjoyable moments in Burn After Reading, but not enough to redeem this disappointment.

At least the Coen brothers have something like four films coming out next year. I support, in their case, prolific film making.



One response to “Burn After Reading

  • mcdufrechou

    Wow, I completely disagree.

    What about the scenes in the CIA especially Malkovich’s Mormon outburst and Simmons’ (the dad from Juno & Jameson from Spiderman) performance as CIA boss. These two elements alone warrant at least a B for the film.

    Granted, it wasn’t fantastic, but it was still a hell of a lot better/funnier than 90% of the comedies coming out these days.

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