Kanye West on Conan

Conan and Kanye discuss Kanye’s style, the paparazzi, Kanye’s phenomenal stage shows, voice modulation, and having to use the bathroom.

Note: my review of “808s and Heartbreak” is coming…

And you have to see Kanye’s performance at the AMAs:


One response to “Kanye West on Conan

  • mcdufrechou

    Not all that related:

    You know how Jimmy Fallon is taking up ‘Late Night’?

    The Roots are going to be his band.

    Speaking of NBC talk shows. It’s going to be the first time NBC (and probably any other non-cable network) has more ‘talk’ show hours than primetime hours. This of course is because of NBC’s decision to hold on to Jay Leno, and set up an earlier show for him. Come March, it’s going to be Leno, then Conan, then Fallon, then Carson Daly.

    I predict that within a year of this line-up either Carson or Fallon are going to get the boot. It all comes down to how well Jimmy Fallon does, imo.

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