The Secret Life of Bees

There are one, maybe two, moments of cheese in this film, but they’re overshadowed by the solid storytelling. Dakota Fanning is great, as are Queen Latifah (yeah, that’s right), Sophie Okonedo, and Alicia Keys.

There’s no need to pretend – The Secret Life of Bees is a feel good movie, but it’s a pleasant surprise. the cinematography, pacing, set design, and story-line create a film you just want to keep watching. Example: I had a strong urge to use the bathroom for the second hour of the film, but I didn’t act on it.

Maybe I’m just happy to see a ’50s/’60s era, race-relations, feel good film that isn’t about sports and is original in its own right (yes, it’s based on a book, but the book must have been pretty decent).

Need to go see a flick with the fam over the holidays? This might be your ticket.

Grade: A(ish)



2 responses to “The Secret Life of Bees

  • brianna

    hello this is the best movie ever i cant believe it is the best movie i have seen in years i am thirteen wishing to work with all of teh cast ans even sing with them i have always wished to do somehting

  • brianna

    omg i love this movie keep rocking on guys i just might be in the remake of this when i am older this movie is the best ovie in all enternety

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