Authors’ Best: Mangold

Mangold is one of the cofounders of Owl Pellets. Since Owl Pellets launched in May of 2007, Mangold has posted 36 articles focusing on moives and music. He also spearheaded this site’s film awards. Here’s a quick summary of Mangold’s (almost) two years with OP:

First post: “Owl Pellets”

… I know about as much about managing and designing a website as Michael Bay or Uwe boll knows about directing, i.e. not very much. However, I think that Bob and I will put together a great site nonetheless…

… I’ve had a countdown on my desktop to the release of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” since it was over 272 days away. If you’re still reading we’re also going to have a music section filled with reviews, news, lists, and the like. I listen to everything from The Roots to Black Sabbath to Björk (yes, I can type the ö), and I’ll probably be doing most of the posting in that section being that Bob actually owns a Crazy Town album…

Latest post: Paul Newman

Now that it’s become painfully clear that Paul Newman only has weeks to live, I thought I’d put up a small tribute post. 

Favorite post: 2007 In Review (Music)/Most Anticipated Movies for 2008

Mangold really knows how to put a list together – his 2007 In Review (Music) post still gets heavy web traffic and his Most Anticipated Movies for 2008 told us all what movies to look out for this year.

Most discussed post: Oscar Predictions

Here are my predictions for Sunday’s Oscars, along with a few alternates in each category plus some general thoughts. I’ve refrained from posting any predictions for the Best Foreign Film category because of how wildly unpredictable it is. Amelie lost, Pan’s Labyrinth lost, and the 3 frontrunners this year weren’t even nominated. Everyone, even the academy, is confused about it. But without further ado, here are my Oscar predictions…


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