At it’s best, Valkyrie is a well-intentioned thriller with a good cast. Does it thrill? Yes. Anyone that is even slightly versed in history knows how this one ends: (SPOILER!!!) Tom Cruise doesn’t kill Hitler. The accuracy of the rest of the film is up for debate.

At it’s worst. Valkyrie is a muddled, poor attempt at a politically heavy World War II film. I think the Nazis were modeled after those in Indiana Jones. And I couldn’t help but notice a bit of irony in the story-telling: a major theme of Valkyrie is that not all Germans were evil. However, only the members of the S.S. and those close to and including Hitler have German accents. Just a little subtlety that bothered me.

Valkyrie doesn’t give you much to cheer about, but it doesn’t give you much to boo about either.

C +

Note: I’ll be posting a review for Milk soon, unless someone beats me to it, which would be fine.


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