The Pellet 1.5.09



The Dark Knight

Best Picture nomination for the Oscars? 

The Producers Guild of America has just nominated the movie for its annual Producers Guild Awards taking place Saturday, January 24 at the Hollywood Palladium. The Dark Knight is going up against The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonFrost/NixonMilk and Slumdog Millionaire for Best Picture.

The Screen Actors Guild previously nominated Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Actor and The Dark Knight for Best Stunt Ensemble. That awards ceremony takes place on Jan. 25.

This Wednesday, the Writers Guild of America will announce its nominees, while the Oscar nominations will be announced on Jan. 22.


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost being cast as the Thomson and Thompson were right on the money. They’re in. Along with Andy Serkis, who’s set to play Captain Haddock, this runs the number of confirmed flesh-and-blood performers up to three!

PGA Nominations

And the nominees are…

Zack Snyder and The Dark Knight Returns

But for Zack Snyder, “Watchmen” is apparently K2.  The next mountain to climb would be Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”.  


3 responses to “The Pellet 1.5.09

  • evan

    dark knight not getting a best ensemble nomination is just ridiculous. heath ledger, christian bale, morgan freeman, michael caine, maggie gyllenhaal, aaron eckhart, GARY OLDMAN! that was such an incredible cast. here’s hoping it gets a BP nom and frost/nixon gets shut out, that movie was ten tons of mediocre (except langella).

    tintin is looking pretty good. spielberg’s doing that one right?

  • Bob

    Yup. Spielberg.

    Good point on the ensemble. So, you didn’t like Frost/Nixon, eh? I still need to see it.

  • evan

    i really didn’t care for it, but i do have a bias against ron howard. frank langella’s great as nixon though.

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