I was on RT today, looking over their Golden Tomato awards, and I noticed that ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ was the best reviewed comedy of 2008. Pish posh! Why does everyone like this movie so much? And by everyone, I mean the critics.

‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ was mediocre, at best. The central character – Pumpkin, or whatever her name was – is played by a great actor, but I still didn’t give a crap-stick. Why the hell would I care about what happened in her life? Oh wait, nothing happens in her life. There are two spectacular scenes in the film: one with a homeless man and another with Pumpkin’s driving instructor, but that was about it. The film is just a set-up for those two scenes.

The movie was “meh.” it’s the sleeper ‘Juno’ of 2008. 



One response to “Happy-Go-Lucky

  • CMrok93

    Happy-Go-Lucky isn’t just a film that demonstrates the goodness of humankind, but makes you believe in it as well. A great film, that couldn’t stop being funny. Check out my review when you can!

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