films by mangold

Owl Pellets contributor and co-founder “mangold” now has his own youtube channel. Here are the two videos he currently has up:

‘Westboro Baptist Church (Fred Phelps) at PSU Protest Documentary’

and a “biographical object project”



5 responses to “films by mangold

  • evan

    haha, thanks bob, this is nice. i don’t know about the biographical object video though, the only reason that one’s on youtube is because we’ve started to turn in our videos online, instead of in private screenings. but this is good motivation to upload the rest of them.

  • Bob

    To be honest, I fuckin’ love the biographical short. I’ve watched three or four times already. Loves it.
    Upload more and put ’em up here.

  • Bob

    When do you think you’ll have the rest up on youtube?

  • mangold

    i think i’ll be able to get another one up sometime this next week. i’ve just got to make a few changes to it…

  • max not logged on

    Good work, Evan.

    Of course, I consider the wbc a ridiculous entity. – Rob, didn’t we buy them donuts or something? Or, at least wasn’t that the plan?

    But, I have to say I’m kind of in love with the “three words: chromosomes don’t lie” girl. I want to shut that crazy mouth with some lovin’. That’s right, baby, talk dirty to me. Tell me god hates me. Tell me some crazy made up science. I would sin all up and down her.

    Seriously, I’m 49% joking. I hope this doesn’t make me an implicit accomplice.

    The other wbc girl: super lame. I’d have to marry her before we could hold hands wearing gloves; I’d have to believe in stuff; and she would probably not be down with my ritual bathes in the blood of the innocent.

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