Picnicface, Rejected Jokes, and Jake and Amir

College Humor has introduced me to a great of noteworthy comedy-makers:

1. Jake and Amir

If you watch College Humor webtainment, you’ve heard of or watched Jake and Amir. The relationship between these two coworkers is relatable (extreme, but radical) and you really begin to bond with them.

2. Rejected Jokes

Ben Schwartz writes for SNL and started Rejected Jokes as a place where he’d just tell all his rejected SNL jokes… now he’s making skits, etc.

Make sure to watch the ‘Bronx World Travelers.’

1. Picnicface

The makers of the popular Powerthirst, , make some amazing skits. If you check out any of these websites, check out Picnicface. Here’s their youtube channel

Here’s the video that really introduced me to Picnicface:

Here’s my favorite Picnicface video:


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