Palin? Still? Like a Bad Penny

So,  I guess Palin’s started her own PAC to raise money for candidates she likes:

Dedicated to building America’s future, supporting fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation. 

The site gives you two options: “Donate Today” and “About Sarah.” Oh! It gets better! You don’t know who the hell you’re donating too! And here’s some more fun:

alaska1Note the emphasis on Alaska? Yeah. Sarah’s not a sell-out! She hasn’t bought into the D.C. culture! No way, sir! No way!

Oh, wait.



One response to “Palin? Still? Like a Bad Penny

  • evan

    haha, have you been paying any attention to her recent interviews? pretty funny stuff. her implying that katie couric’s question about what kind of magazines or newspapers she read was like “being put under a microscope by the liberal media,” and how her family got unfair media attention compared to obama’s, though i’m pretty sure i just read an article a few days ago critiquing sasha and malia’s outfits for the inauguration and their taste in dogs.

    i also just heard her say “There might of been some exploiting that was done via me.” her grammar is just unbelievable, i can’t stand to listen to her talk anymore.

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