After missing almost the entire NFL season this year, yesterday was my chance to make it all back with what turned out to be one hell of a Superbowl. There was more to enjoy than just Madden’s excessive use of the word “penetrate” – don’t get me wrong, that was awesome and all.

Keith Olbermann managed to make 6+ hours of pregame coverage watchable (yeah, I watched it all). And most of the reminiscing was fun and exciting. 

The opening was good: Faith Hill, the US Airways Flight 1549 crew, and Jennifer Hudson.

The first quarter of the game was one of the fastest and lop-sided quarters I have ever seen, especially for a Superbowl. The Steelers ran up the score and that didn’t really change in the second quarter either. What I thought was going to be a quick game was looking more than one-sided. Fitzgerald wasn’t getting the game and the Steelers’ under-appreciated offense was delivering.

The Boss and his musical gang took the stage at half time and it was one of the few halftime shows that didn’t make me feel shame. Perhaps The Boss should take on every half time show… no more lil Simpson, Timberlake, etc. etc. Why? The Boss makes sense for such an event… just think about it.

Quarter three and four were, well, awesome. The Cardinals decided to make it into a game. And there was great play after great play, with Santonio Holmes topping it off with an amazing, game winning touchdown catch.

As much as I don’t really care, I’ll still address the commercials: they were “meh” and not on par with the game you were watching. The whole 3D thing was a great gimmick, but a real letdown. The one noteworthy advertising campaign that was featured during the Superbowl comes from Hyundai and everytime I see one of their commercials I think, “f**k! We really are f**ked right now.” Just watch their ad “Contract”:


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