Thank You, Google Reader: Shared Items (Episode 4)

Some days, I’m just endlessly amused by YouTube. I think the best part is that he sounds like a Muppet.


4 responses to “Thank You, Google Reader: Shared Items (Episode 4)

  • peaceelrring

    Probably the funiest video I watched this year (yeah I know the year just started but stil)!! It’s amazing! If only they were recording that instead of boring news :p

  • Bob

    Yeah, I was pretty damn impressed. As you asked on Fizzing Banana, “don’t these guys ever laugh?” I think these two practice this routine every night just because at one moment the anchorwoman says “I always mess that part up…” Now I just need to find out where these two broadcast out of.

  • peaceelrring

    Of course it must be some kind of routine! They do it for fun without really focusing, it’s natural! That’s what I found amazing: the lenght of their choregraphy and how much funnier it gets as the countdown decreases! Really, thanks for that discovery!

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