Coraline is a gentler Pan’s Labyrinth. The story-line is pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it’s dull. It’s genuinely thrilling and exciting while remaining playful. The least you can say about Coraline is that it’s cool to see good surrealist film making a comeback in popular film.

The concept is what really makes this film interesting: a crazy old bat in a parrallel world sending out dolls to spy on lonely kids so that she can eventually steal and eat them. Awesome.

Rating: A

2 responses to “Coraline

  • evan

    first great film of 2009. thumbs up.

  • Mello D

    I almost walked by the premiere in Portland(i was a few blocks away on 11th rather than Broadway), but I was unaware that such an event was going on. And a friend of mine actually worked on this film years ago! I still haven’t seen it, but if Bob says it’s awesome then I have to.

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