Viral (parody)

David After Dentist (almost 10 million views after only fourteen days on YouTube)

This may sound weird, but the only reason I’m putting this viral video up here on Owl Pellets is so I can post the parody, which wouldn’t really make much sense out of context.

The parody:


4 responses to “Viral (parody)

  • Joe

    it’s crazy how that video got so popular

  • Bob

    Yeah. I don’t really get it.

  • peaceelrring

    Well it’s kind of funny. Anyway, youtube often provides videos like that, which get million of views. I guess this is just about entertaining an luck. Yet, I would not like to be that little guy…

  • mcdufrechou

    Ha, the parody wasn’t doing much for me till the yell accompanied with the lightsaber.

    The parody is pretty great. I just watched A New Hope a week or two ago. I didn’t realize how childish Darth Vader is till my last viewing. It goes on throughout the whole movie:

    (Paraphrased) Vader: “There is a Jedi on the Death Star.”
    Imperial Officer: “Wow, dangerous. I’ll send some storm troopers.”
    Vader: “No! I’ll do it by myself.”

    Thanks Darth, no real reason to tell anybody if you “have to” deal with him by yourself. He’s always like that, stomping around like a moody toddler.

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