The Oscars: random thoughts/semi-live blogging

I’m starting this at 10:30pm (eastern time) on the dot.

Random thoughts as of 10:30pm:

1. The simpler, less extravagant Oscars are a plus.

2. Heath Ledger winning The Oscar was a powerful moment in Oscar history.

3. Bill Maher is an awful, awful comedian – I hesitate to even call him a “comedian.” Damn, he sucks. I mean, he really, really sucks. What an arrogant, terrible human being.

4. I’ve enjoyed the comedy so far – Seth Rogen, Ben Stiller, and Tina Fery come to mind.

5. The opening was pretty damn good.

6. I am ashamed of how behind I am this year when it comes to movies.

7. What is the deal with Hoffman’s hat?


Will Smith was a good choice. And Slumdog Millionaire is looking good for the win.


I really enjoyed the last acceptance speech (score for Slumdog Millionaire) – why? Because the guy finished with “God is great.” In your pompous face, Bill Maher!


Hugh Jackman has been a good host.


Roy Schneider, Isaac Hayes, Charlston Heston, and Paul Newman… where was Heath Ledger?


Boyle just won Director.


Kate Winslet has won Best Female Actor.


Sean Penn just gave one hell of an acceptance speech – I’ll be sure to post it ASAP.


Slumdog wins Best Picture. I was very pleased with The Oscars this year. Sean Penn > Bill Meyer.


3 responses to “The Oscars: random thoughts/semi-live blogging

  • evan

    i agree, thought it was a great show. jackman did a good job and the new format worked great.

    penn definitely gave the speech of the night, he and dustin lance black were both wonderful. glad milk had a good night.

    are you talking about bill maher? i didn’t think he was so bad despite some of the shameless self-promotion.

    and yay for danny boyle!

    oh, and ledger was on last years list since he died just before the ceremony.

  • bob

    Thanks for clearin gup Ledger for me.

    Yeah. Bill Maher – that’s what I meant. Why was I spelling his name that way?
    I hate that man. He’s not funny – the only laughs he gets are his own. I loved when he pointed out that he didn’t get nominated because religion is still a “touchy subject”… ha! You just suck and you’re movie sucked, that’s why you didn’t get a nob.

    Sorry.. sorry. I just really despise that man.

  • sdennison

    Not to be contrary, but I thought this year’s Oscars were awful–the Luhrmann musical number especially, along with the weird, awkward actor-to-actor speeches that replaced clips. Maybe I’m just an old fogey, but I want last year’s Oscars back.

    Danny Boyle is my hero, though. Who else would jump up and down at the Oscars?

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