We Are Wizards

Out of boredom, I watched “We Are Wizards” today on Hulu. “We Are Wizards” is a documentary about the culture surrounding Harry Potter fandom. Some notable names in the documentary are Harry and The Potters and Brad Neely.

The documentary appears fairly low-budget just because it didn’t seem to have the funds for use of the Harry Potter films, etc. But it’s about the fans, so I guess that doesn’t really matter.

It’s really Brad Neely that pulls this thing together. Without his interviews, etc., you might be disappointed. Then again, it would be pretty ridiculous not to have Neely in this film due to how big “Wizard People, Dear Reader” is in Harry Potter Land. In any case, what I’m saying is that his part in the film really gives this documentary a point and it’s warm feeling.

My one major criticism would be that there isn’t much development; there isn’t much of a story.

But why should you check this one out? Like I already said, it’s semi-heart warming and it’s great to see Brad Neely.

Wanna Watch? Check it out here (while still available on Hulu)


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