I found it: a good Kanye West cover!

After hearing 30 Seconds to Mars’ cover of Kanye’s “Stronger” and then The Fray’s cover of “Heartless,” I was left confused and, well, very disappointed (not that I expected much from either of the previously mentioned bands). However, I did a little more searching – were there more covers I had been missing? Apparently, yes.
White Lies, a band that I am unfamiliar with and could be total crap other than this one song, have covered “Love Lockdown.” Honestly, it may be better (or at least more catchy) than the original – that might not be such a huge feat since “Love Lockdown” is one of 808’s weaker tracks. In any case, it’s a good cover.
I think it benefits from the fact that White Lies chose a coverable song — who the hell thinks they can cover “Stronger” through, well, whatever you call what 30 Seconds does.

“Love Lockdown”

I’ll obviously be keeping an ear open for more covers as, I’m sure, they emerge.


One response to “I found it: a good Kanye West cover!

  • suzie bishop

    it’s a good cover! white lies are getting to be quite something in britain. see their song “death”. it’s an ironic sigh of relief that it takes a song called death to prove british indie hasn’t commited suicide, lol. :]

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