Parks and Recreation

After watching the fourth episode of NBC’s new Parks and Recreation today, I feel safe in recommending it to all of ya. Parks and Recreation is produced and written by Michael Schur and Greg Daniels and it shows. Michael Schur produces and writes The Office. However, and this is a big “however,” it is not Office-lite. It’s like The Office to the extent that it operates in a fairly closed work environment and is semi-documentation in tone.

Parks and Recreation follows a bunch of city workers in Indiana and it is honestly hilarious. It’s a microcosm of government that is incredibly enjoyable, clever, and offers plenty of not-in-your-face commentary.

My favorite character? This guy:

Ron Swanson is a city manager who hates government and bureaucracy. Ron Swanson: ‘What’s my idea of a perfect government? One guy sitting in a small room at a desk who’s only in charge of which countries to nuke… and women are brought to him when he desires them.’


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