Star Trek… are you excited?

(Trailer from January)

Star Trek opens on the 8th. With 17 reviews currently in at Rotten Tomatoes (which isn’t a lot, but is a damn fine sample), the new Star Trek has a 100% rating… 100%! Well, that just makes me even more excited.

UPDATE: Star Trek, released today, is holding strong (on RT) with an above 90% rating… 


4 responses to “Star Trek… are you excited?

  • elrringpeace

    I do not know what you think about it now, but I was extremely disappointed.

    • Bob

      Really? I still haven’t seen it, but you are the first person I’ve heard say they disliked it. What didn’t you like? I’m intrigued.

  • elrringpeace

    First I must admit I do not know much about the serie.
    But I thought the whole story was silly. Not much of a surprise, the cool good kid defeats the dreadful bad guy.

    I found the time travels explanations incredibly awkward. A lot of Sci-Fi comics or books are based on time travels theories. But I don’t think any of them treats the subject with so much poverty.

    The ugly guy who has a hairstyle worse than the Beatles (“allegedly” incredibly clever) also got on my nerves.

    As well, I did not know that creating blackholes could be such a fun hobby… (the big red globe… ah ah…)

    Actually I just liked Simon Pegg’s performance (as always) and the special effects.

    What really bothered me is that people made so much fuss about this film, when it is so empty and fruitless.

  • maxgamer1

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