Regarding the Batman 3 rumors

Can we officially stop paying attention to all the rumors floating around for Batman 3?  Christopher Nolan’s made it known that he is NOT working on Batman at the moment, and he’s smack in the middle of filming “Inception,” which doesn’t wrap until December.  So clearly he’s not scripting or casting for Batman 3.  And even if he was, does anybody seriously believe what all the film websites have been reporting?  Megan Fox as Catwoman?  Really??  Eddie Murphy as anybody??!?!  I’m still hearing rumors that “Inception” is secretly “Batman 3,” or just serving as a test run for Leo to see if he can play the Joker.  Christ people.  You have to be seriously dense to believe any of this nonsense.  You can stop paying any attention to these rumors at LEAST until “Inception” finishes shooting, and probably until it’s released next summer.  Ok, I’m calm now.

2 responses to “Regarding the Batman 3 rumors

  • Maryann

    Hah! Evan, you are so angry!

    But it is completely ridiculous that anybody would believe any of those things you listed. I think that mostly people just want to stir up trouble and get sane people like you all riled up. So you just say, “Sticks and stones, bitches!” the next time you feel that anger rising up!

  • evan

    I don’t know, I think some people are just plain stupid. Remember when ‘10,000 Days’ came out and everyone who didn’t like it thought it was an elaborate hoax?

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