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Behind the curve: Donald Glover raps

In case you didn’t already know, Donald Glover raps. He has three studio albums, in fact. His latest album dropped last year. Yeah, behind the curve – we know. It’s not too bad. Sometimes it comes off a bit strained. Almost too clever by half. You’ll also feel like you’ve heard the rhymes on another album with better instrumentals (Glover does produce the album himself… so we won’t harp on that too much). However, you can’t knock him for references to things like “Sufjan Stevens.” Here’s a taste:

On another note, if you’ve never seen Mystery Team, you should.


“Northwest” by OM Native

From Oly, WA comes a great music video.

Fast Five

Fast Five is so ridiculous at times that I caught myself thinking, “is this a SciFi or something?” a few times. And the dialogue: ‘this just went from Mission Impossible to Mission Insanity!” But when it comes down to it, Fast Five is a less clever version of Ocean’s 11 with better action.

Very little in this movie makes any logical sense, but it’s fun.

For the record, I’m not positive I saw the second ‘Fast and Furious’ and I know I didn’t see the 3rd or 4th… Suffice it to say, I wasn’t too lost.


Adding our voice to the Meme

Well, a new meme has hit:

Our contribution:

Happy (belated) Birthday to Owl Pellets

Four days ago Owl Pellets turned four years old. Wow.

To help you celebrate this momentous occasion, check out the video:


You know, after seeing that this movie had something like a 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, I didn’t expect much. That being said, ‘Priest’ was a pleasant surprise. It could have used a little more vampire and the plot was a bit thin, but enjoyable nonetheless. What makes ‘Priest’ watchable is it’s authentic graphic novel feel in addition to it’s cowboy-western themes. Best film of all time? No way. Watchable? Yes.


A Lady Gaga Song To Listen To

I actually really enjoying this song.