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Happy (belated) Birthday to Owl Pellets

Four days ago Owl Pellets turned four years old. Wow.

To help you celebrate this momentous occasion, check out the video:


Your Video for Today


Human Bicycle

Ep 1: Ostrich Flock versus Grizzly Bear

After watching ‘Megashark vs. Crocosaurus’ (A+) and then ‘Megashark vs. Giant Octopus’ (D+), we’ve decided to launch our own “versus” series. So, here’s the first installment. Have suggestions? Leave them in the comments.

Scenerio: an ostrich flock is traversing the Rocky Mountains and comes across a grizzly bear in late summer (very hungry). I’d say the flock is about a dozen deep. Who wins this one?

Plane: 1, Mother Nature: 0

Sharks. Duh.

From friend of Owl Pellets.

Noooo!!! Angry Birds for Google Chrome

As pointed out by a friend of Owl Pellets, “this is not good for productivity.” Damn right. This is going to destroy any productivity I had left in me… Review to come soon.

Want it? Go HERE. It takes about a second to install.