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Arcade Fire to re-release ‘The Suburbs’

Thanks to a good and loyal friend of Owl Pellets, I found out about this: The Arcade Fire is re-releasing ‘The Suburbs,’ because, you know, they won a Grammy. And maybe, just maybe the people at Who is The Arcade Fire? will finally get their answer!

From Perez Hilton:


Maybe now all the people that obnoxiously asked “Who are they?” when they won the Grammy will give them an actual listen now! Ha!

Indie faves Arcade Fire have announced that their award-winning 2010 album, The Suburbs, will be re-released on June 27th, with two new tracks called Speaking Tongues and Culture War, as well as a bonus DVD featuring a short film and a ‘making of’ documentary!

Hopefully this new material will hold us over until they’re ready to release another album in a year or two!

Probably not, but hey! We’ll be patient!

Looking forward to this one, guys!

So excited!


Wayne Coyne (wrongly) slams The Arcade Fire. (What?). Win responds.


Wayne slams: click here. Win Butler responds: click here then follow the link to Win’s scarpbook.

I love the Flamming Lips, but this outburst was a little off. The Arcade Fire loves their fans. Anyone been to a show and felt like they were treated like “shit”? I don’t think so.

Miroir Noir

Miroir Noir: Neon Bible Archives, The Arcade Fire, has been out for a bit, so I’m sorry to be a little behind on this one. In any case, now you can buy a digital copy online and pre-order DVD/the limited edition DVD.

The documentary is directed byArcade Fire and Vincent Morisset, who was also responsible for the interactive video for ‘Neon Bible’.

The deluxe edition DVD of ‘Miroir Noir’ features bonus material including Arcade Fire performances on TV shows such as Friday Night With Jonathan Ross and Saturday Night Live. – NME

The band digitally released Miroir Noir, a film documenting the making of their 2007 album Neon Bible and the tour in support of it. The film will be released on DVD in March, with pre-orders available now. – Pitchfork

This documentary is a must for any Arcade Fire fan. It’s not a typical concert documentary (if you read the Pitchfork article/interview you can learn why). It’s very similar to the tone set in Radiohead’s Meeting People is Easy documentary, which focused on OK Computer – this is very similar, except with an Arcade Fire twist, obviously.

The Neon Bible phone number (remember that?) messages serve as the only narrative to this documentary. (Note: got some time? Play around on the Neon Bible website).

There are moments of pure genius in Miroir Noir and great insights into how the band conducts itself.

Rating: A+


Bits and pieces from the documentary

In other Arcade Fire news:

The band is working on a new album, and Butler, his wife and Arcade Fire co-leader Régine Chassagne, and Final Fantasy’s Owen Pallett, did indeed write the score for The Box, the forthcoming film from director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko). – Pitchfork

Obama Staff Ball, The Arcade Fire plays some Boss

Had a friend that actually got to see this. Damn, am I jealous. Apparently, Win told the crowd of young Obama staffers, “ya’ll are pretty excited for a bunch of people that just got fired”… something witty along those lines.

The Best Music Videos of 2008

It’s time to name the best music videos of 2008. There were a lot. My initial list was comprised of 44 videos – I’ve cut the list down to my top 25. Unlike my list for 2007, I haven’t put the videos into categories. Instead, I’ve just got my list from #25 to #1. Here we go…

25. Lykke Li and Bon Iver – Dance Dance Dance

It’ll make you feel warm inside. Who doesn’t like that?

24. Devendra Banhart – Carmensita.

It’s funny.

23. Thunderheist – Jerk It

Incredibly sexy. The build is impressive (and I mean that in so many weird ways).

22. Feist – I Feel it All

Check out the stick-ignited-fireworks. It’s a symphony of sparks. Rad.

21. The Mae Shi – Run to Your Grave

Not much to say here. It’s just very entertaining.

20. Lil Wayne – A Milli

It may be my favorite song off of Tha Carter III and the video is equally enjoyable. Wayne’s hip hop persona really comes out in this video more than any other I have seen.

19. Buddy System – Return to Horse Mountain

The western/[spoiler]unicorn theme is, well, epic.

18. Utah Saints – Something Good ’08

2008’s “should have been” theme set in 1989.

17. The Tough Alliance – Neo Violence

This video is particularly 80s in tone, but it doesn’t take on the tired, lazy approach so many indie videos seem to have taken as of late.

16. Kanye West – Love Lockdown

A visually stimulating video (I guess that’s what a music video should be).

15. Radiohead – House of Cards

First of it’s kind video methods put this one on the list.

14. In Our Talons – Bowerbirds

(I’m getting tired of explaining. Who really cares, anyway?)

13. Bjork – Wanderlust

12. Terry Lynn – System

11. The Chemical Brothers – Midnight Madness

The ending ties this one all together making it one of my favorite videos of the year.

10. Portishead – We Carry On

9. Beyonce – Single Ladies

8. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

7. Goldfrapp – A&E

6. Buraka Som Sistema – Sound of Kuduro

5. Gnarls Barkley – Going On

4. Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor

One of my favorite albums of the year produces one of my favorite videos.. yippee.

3. Santogold – L.E.S. Artistes

2. She & Him – Why do you let me stay here?

For some reason this video made me think “Beetlejuice“.. anyone else?

1. The Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

Okay, I’m probably a bit biased when it comes to this one, but the reason I loved this video so much is because of  how iconic Win Butler comes off during these short 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

Battle of the Best: Stones vs Hendrix, Radiohead vs The Arcade Fire


I’ve called the last round of voting for The Beatles and Pink Floyd who beat out Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley and The Wailers, respectively.

That means that The Beatles and Pink Floyd will be facing off in the semifinals.

How about the other semifinal?

Well, it’s up to you to decide.

Who do you think is the best?

The Rolling Stones or The Jimi Hendrix Experience?

Radiohead or The Arcade Fire?

Battle of the Best: Second Round of Voting!


I’ve called Bob Marley and The Wailers and The Rolling Stones as the winners of the last round of voting. I’ve also made an executive decision to bypass The Beatles vs U2 battle just to save our time and efforts.

Here’s an updated bracket – just click on the image.

The next round of battles and voting begins… NOW!

Led Zeppelin vs Prince and the Revolution


The Beach Boys vs The Arcade Fire


Bruce Springsteen vs Jimi Hendrix