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Best (performances) of the Grammys (and the worst)








From T.I. To Politics

The kids from the Ron Clark Academy performing live “You Can Vote However You Like,” a parody to TI’s “Whatever You Like”. Atlanta Georgia Ron Clark Academy.

You have to watch this:

Watch the interview…

Paper Trail

T.I. dropped Paper Trail two weeks ago. You might have heard some of the singles on the radio – for example, “Whatever You Like.”

The album definitely has some catchy tracks, like “Whatever You Like” (obviously), “Swagger Like Us,” and “Live Your Life.” After a few listens, other tracks begin to catch your attention – “Pornstar,” “On Top of the World,” and “Swing Ya Rag” immediately come to mind.

T.I. defintely has an ear for a good beat and his voice and meter seem to fit perfectly with some of the tracks.

My one critique is that this album may be more of a surfing album (no, not in a Beach Boys way). What I mean is that it’s one of those albums that you’re pressing “track forward” and “track back” a lot. That doesn’t mean that some tracks are “bad” – it’s just not an album that you listen to from beginning to end over and over, which is what I like in hip hop albums.

Paper Trail is stocked with single material, it just lacks that start to finish quality that you might find in other hip hop albums.

Rating: B

Two out of two ain’t bad…

Paper Trail, is T.I.’s upcoming album. Will it be amazing? Well, after listening to the two leaked songs, my expectations are sky high.

About a month ago “Swagger Like Us” (which is nothing short of inspiring) was leaked and now “Live your Life” featuring Rhinna. I can’t wait for this album.