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Battle of the Best: the semi finals

The Battle of the Best continues. Who will make it to the final battle? Who won’t? You decide.

In one battle we have The Beatles and Pink Floyd; in the other we have a face-off between The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Radiohead.

— Please note that three out of the four bands in the semi finals are British – what’s up with that? —

So, will it be The Beatles or Pink Floyd? Will it be Jimi Hendrix or Radiohead?



Battle of the Best: Stones vs Hendrix, Radiohead vs The Arcade Fire


I’ve called the last round of voting for The Beatles and Pink Floyd who beat out Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley and The Wailers, respectively.

That means that The Beatles and Pink Floyd will be facing off in the semifinals.

How about the other semifinal?

Well, it’s up to you to decide.

Who do you think is the best?

The Rolling Stones or The Jimi Hendrix Experience?

Radiohead or The Arcade Fire?

Battle of the Best: Part One of Quarter Final Voting!

Here’s what the Battle of the Best bracket looks like as of now (click on the image to view in a larger format):

So we’re now into the quarter finals! Let’s find out which bands will make it into the semi-finals, shall we?

Round one will be The Beatles vs Led Zeppelin – vote now!

Round two will be Pink Floyd vs Bob Marley and The Wailers – vote now!

Note: Pink Floyd and Radiohead when the winners of our last round of voting…

New Round of Voting for Battle of the Best

Here’s what the bracket looks like now (click on the image to enlarge it).

During our second round of voting Led Zeppelin defeated Prince and the Revolution and The Arcade Fire crushed The Beach Boys, which may surprise many people, but I think it stands as a testament to how influential The Arcade Fire has already become.

In the third battle Jimi Hendrix defeated The Boss by a small margin in a highly competitive battle.

Now it’s time for the last two battles in our first session of competition: Pink Floyd vs The Who and Radiohead vs The Grateful Dead. I’m especially excited about second later battle.