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Bulk Movie Reviews

Your Highness
A few great laughs can’t make up for
the moments without them.

March of Ides
The day-to-day back-stabbing that takes
place in this film trump what is billed
as the ultimate betrayal, making for a great film.

Reel Steel
It’s a played-out storyline, but it succeeds because it’s
accompanied by fighting (and occasionally dancing)

Captain America
Without a doubt the best Avengers movie I have seen yet.


Adding our voice to the Meme

Well, a new meme has hit: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2011/05/the-coming-david-brooks-internet-meme/238970/

Our contribution:


You know, after seeing that this movie had something like a 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, I didn’t expect much. That being said, ‘Priest’ was a pleasant surprise. It could have used a little more vampire and the plot was a bit thin, but enjoyable nonetheless. What makes ‘Priest’ watchable is it’s authentic graphic novel feel in addition to it’s cowboy-western themes. Best film of all time? No way. Watchable? Yes.


A Lady Gaga Song To Listen To

I actually really enjoying this song.

Review: Bridesmaids

Hilarious. In my humble opinion, it’s “The Hangover,” just better (the comparison had to be made, right?). There are a few moments where things feel slightly disjointed, but those moments are completely outweighed by how fresh and funny this movie is. Go see it. You shall chuckle a great deal.


As a side note, who is this Melissa McCarthy? She’s funny as sh*t.

Your Video for Today


Human Bicycle