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Campaign Sick

This blog has been up for a while, but – as we enter the last 100 days of this year’s campaign season – it’s worth noting that this is a MUST visit blog for any campaign staffer, former campaign staffer, or political junky.

Enjoy: Campaign Sick!


OP’s continuing coverage of the ’08 election: special edition

No one would accuse me of being Ludacris’ biggest fan, but this is fairly note worthy. Ludacris put out a song entitled “Obama is Here.” It’s got a great beat and the lyrics aren’t that shabby. Since being put up on youtube three days ago, the, what I’m assuming was a fan-made video, has received over 25,000 hits.

Some of the lyrics are questionable as is some of the message, but having Ludacris and other rappers (like Jay-Z) get behind Obama does attest to the assertion that this is a different campaign than we’ve seen before. There is no doubt that it is exciting.

Listen to the song / Watch the fan-made video

I think Ludacris may have a bit of a man-crush on Senator Obama.

UPDATE: The more I think about it the more I dislike this song. As a pure and simple song, I like it; as a pro-Obama rally cry, I’m not a fan. I espeically dislike the lines about Hillary and about painting the White House black – it’s just not what this campaign is about.

Moveon.org releases amazing political ad – will you help?

The guys at MTV are apparently now allowing political ads to be aired on their network. One of the first ads to be aired is a GOP attack ad against Obama, calling him a flip-flopper. Moveon.org has responded with this amazing ad. The ad empowers through cleverness and humor.

I couldn’t image a better ad to be aired on MTV and I don’t mean that it the way you may be taking it. The ad is sharp and witty and grabs attention while entertaining.


 Please donate to spread this video.

Note: the video even features Rider Strong of “Saved by the Bell”

OP’s continuing coverage of the 2008 election: hardest hitting edition yet; 4th edition

OP continues to keep you updated on the 2008 election with a series of videos – from rap to folk to skits to hits, this is one of the hardest hitting editions yet. Hope you enjoy.

Are you tired of CNN, Fox, even Reuters? Well, I’ve got the perfect prescription for your pain: GaNooze. This guy is crazy (funny) and a blast to watch. I may disagree with some of what he says, but his meter makes up for it. Give him a try – he won’t disappoint. He. is. insane.

McCain just can’t seem to get a win lately. From making a joke about a gorilla molesting and battering a woman to not knowing that Czechoslovakia no longer exists, he’s making a fool out of himself. Here’s another example of him hurting his chances to become our next president (Montanans, you are sure to enjoy this funny little skit).

Hip hop has definitely made it into youtube election analysis and advocacy. We’ve got a kid proposing a branch to branch hip hop song (he’s actually pretty good), a Russian dog trainers analysis (through rap) of the election, McCain as the Prince of DC, and a youtube channel called “Hip Hop for Obama”: here’s an example.

Speaking of Hip Hop for Obama, Jay-Z was making calls on behlaf of Obama during the primary: hear a message he left on a voter’s phone. I wish I had gotten that call.

And I’ve got more for you relating to phones. Here’s a video of John McCain calling Clinton and burping/farting, leaving her very confused. You say you want more farts? I know it’s a bit juvenile, but I never really get tired of these. I also have a (fake) phone conversation between Obama and Bill Clinton for you.

This video may be the best reflection on the Obama/Clinton primary, yet. Monty Python fans are sure to get a kick out of this one.

And did you think The New Yorker‘s cover featuring Obama got too much attention? Well check out the cover they did of McCain.

While we’re on the subject of McCain, I’ll throw this video out there – it explores the anger that is McCain (through song).

I know that the OP election “coverage” has been a bit biased, so I thought I’d bring attention to the McCain girls (which are essentially a youtube answer to the Obama girl). What do you think? I’m not exactly sold.

But how about the lil Bush girl vs the Obama girl? Ok, obviously this is another pro-Obama video.

And here are some great musical numbers about this election, etc. (not very funny, but still good):

“We Don’t Like McCain”

“Fuck a dog in the Ass”

a folk song about Ron Paul

“Bush went to war”

“Vote Obama”

Because The Dark Knight is getting so much (well deserved) attention on OP, I thought I’d put up this video. It’s a bit amateur, but is nonetheless enjoyable.

I only have a few more videos for you, but they’re all good. Like The Onion‘s piece on No Value voters and the message to all those who will be voting for Obama or have voted for Obama and have a Mama. Or the message to that boob of an egoist (I used to not mind him, but every day he grinds on me a bit more).

Three videos left.

A lot of attention is given to Bill O’Reilly, but how about Headline News’ tool, Glenn Beck? This video remix is priceless. Watch this creeper in action.

I have two more videos for you in this edition of election coverage. The first video, like others in this edition comes from Barely Political and it provides you with a quick, but accurate summary of this year’s election. Watch it. It’s been one of my favorites for a while now.

And finally, Mike Gravel may be out, but this video from May(?) is one of a kind. You have to see Mike Gravel (the real Mike Gravel) sing and rap in an attempt to win over the Obama girl. This video also comes from Barely Political, which is hit of miss, but hits more than misses.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of OP’s continuing election “coverage.”

OP’s 2008 Election Coverage (sort of): Episode 1

The following videos are important and as an informed citizen, you should watch them, bitch.

‘John McCain Kicks it Old School’



‘No You Can’t’ (get the context – watch the original video inspired by Obama)



‘The Bill O’Reilly Remix’



Hillary Clinton Swiftboated by a bunch of kids