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Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Directed by Guillermo del Toro, I was expecting greatness, especially because I was a marginal fan of the first film. Hellboy 2 wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great. I’d say it had more potential to be great than it did to be bad, but fell short.

There is a strange level of attempted comedy, most of it actually succeeded. The attempts at dramatic romance were painful. An example of this would be a horrible fight/lovers’ tiff, which left me thinking “why the hell am I watching this?” Then, shortly after, Hellboy and Abraham are drunk and singing their woes – that was funny.

I think the previous juxtaposition of scenes serves as a pretty accurate metaphor for the film: the good was always followed by the bad and then followed by the good.

At moments I would be thinking film was awful and then I would think it was great – it’s a roller coaster of despair and enjoyment.

The one thing this film really has going for it was that it set-up, very well, sequels and I mean that in the best way possible.


NOTE: I am not a Hellboy graphic novel reader, so I was looking at this film solely as a film.

and then… I saw The Dark Knight and I felt like I had been baptized anew in a fire fueled by angel hair. It is honestly one of the best films I have EVER seen. Only twice in my life have I left an entertainment event with the feeling I left Batman with last night.


The Dark Knight

Dir. Christopher Nolan; Writ. Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan; Starring Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Maggie Gyllenhall, Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart

Yes, I got to it first. It may be a little unfair, but I feel a bit entitled. I’m the one who put it on the marquee; I’m the one who tries to con people into 45oz of more popcorn for 50 cents; and I’ll be the one paying for taxi cabs after missed, last buses. It’s all worth it for an early screening of Batman.

Coming out of the Dark Knight, I have to say I was a little sad. I wasn’t disappointed, and I wasn’t mourning Ledger’s death (not at that particular moment anyway). I was a little sad because I doubt I will ever see a better comic book movie.

Let me say, every good remark or hope you’ve heard or had is true.

Ledger’s Joker is infallible. Never is there a moment where you see the actor behind the villain. There was only the slightest of seconds when I was able to pull down my awe and terror of the Joker to contemplate Ledger, and without the bathroom break I took I doubt it would have happened at all(I wouldn’t recommend drinking much soda during this film. At two and a half hours, your bladder is liable to explode and it’s impossible to find a scene you’re worth risking). In that moment, my only thought was, “Hit me with brick! If that’s Heath Ledger, who in this galaxy was in First Knight?” Don’t get me wrong. Everyone knew he was great after Brokeback, but that gay cowboy is peanuts next to the Joker.

The Dark Knight is a Batman movie. Heath Ledger makes it a Joker movie. Bruce Wayne is Batman and we all get to watch him evolve in a deteriorating world. He confides in Alfred; loves Rachel, and trusts in Harvey Dent. Yet, the Joker’s transformation is so much more sensual and pronounced. The script does provide insight into the Joker’s maniacal philosophy, but, through madly visual and vicious acts of violence alone, Ledger’s subtle and impeccable acting creates a vivid evolution that passionately shanghais the film.

Gosh, from his beginnings in Gotham as criminally-insane mastermind with a couple of great magic tricks, to his climb to being an impassioned psychopath on a big playground with a casual stroll to a school bus, Ledger as the Joker is a powerhouse. He so dwarfs everyone else, you wouldn’t give a horse’s patoot about Bale, Freemen, Caine, or Gyllenhall if they were sitting right next to you at the theater.

The special effects, the acting, the story they’re all great, but a review of the Dark Knight had to be a review of the Joker.


If you’re on this site and have read this review, it probably means to at least some extent you appreciate movies (or if not, art). So, I feel safe saying, you’re an idiot if you don’t see this movie, and you’re probably a loser if you don’t see it soon.

Batman and tour update (sort of)

The Dark Knight comes out in less than 24 hours. I hope it’s as good as my brain thinks it will be.

Jacob Quinn and Mute with Stupefaction are stopping by Boulder, CO (my current place of residence). A show is in the works. The tour of force (I’m not French, who else would you like me to spell it?) is making this little detour on their way from Chicago to San Fransisco. I’m pumped like a basketball.

For updates, check Mute with Stupefacation’s blog.

Michael Bay’s The Dark Knight?

So what if Michael Bay, my idol, had written the screenplay for the upcoming Dark Knight? If you’re curious to read the results yourself just click here. If you’re at all familiar with Bay, you really must read this. It’s completely worth your time, trust me.

And the Oscar goes to… Ledger?

There’s a lot of talk going around about it – I’ll have to wait till I actually see the film. It wouldn’t surprise me, however. Heath Ledger did get nominated for Broke Back and the reviews for his performance in the new Batman have been more than just positive.