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Zero Dark Thirty trailer

Not really sure what to make of this…


The Master: Already Getting Great Reivews

Click on the image below (or here) to read HuffPo’s summary of the reviews The Master is already receiving.


Impressive trailer released for ‘Cloud Atlas’

Today, a trailer stretching just under 6 minutes in length was released for ‘Cloud Atlas.’

I suggest checking it out: HERE.

I’m excited (even though I have to admit that I haven’t read the novel).

Ponyo trailer is here!



So the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are is on Apple trailers. I’m kind of ridiculously excited. I’m also not tech-savvy enough to embed a video, so just go here.

UPDATE : Embedded Trailer


If you’ve seen Pineapple Express and you saw it in theaters, chances are you got a look at Oliver Stone‘s new film W., which is, of course, the story of none other than President George W. Bush.

Although I had heard some rumblings about this film, it generally flew under my radar. I almost sh*t my pants when Is aw the trailer, as did almost everyone in the theater – a fact made evident through numerous exclamations of “what the f**k?!?” and the like.

Watch the W. trailer

I’ve been waiting in anticipation for a film like this, but I didn’t expect my anticipation to be satisfied for at least another half decade. Oliver Stone is known for the intensive research he conducts before executing a film and, frankly, that’s what surprises me.

I would have expected Stone to wait until more documents, etc. had been released from the White House (hopefully under an Obama registration) before making a film about George W. Bush. But, in reality, there is plenty of insider documentation of the Bush White House that has already been publicly published.

My educated guess is that W. will be an exploration of the man that is W. Bush. IMDB’s synopsis of the film would seem to bolster that guess:

A chronicle on the life and presidency of George W. Bush

In addition to what looks like a great premise, Josh Brolin will be playing W. and he looks like he’s really going to pull it off. Simply seeing a serious Bush in film is enough to make me curious, if not anxious to spend that dough on a movie ticket.

No release date has been set.

W. has definetely moved to the top of my “most anticipated of ’08” list.

Quantum of Solace: trailer

The trailer for the new 007 is out and Quantum of Solace looks fucking sweet.