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Bobby Jindal = fail

After a stunning and “commanding performance” by Obama (he addressed the joint Congress on the economy tonight, fyi), Bobby Jindal of Louisiana gave the GOP’s rebuttal. Already, most commentators are saying how horribly he did – I’d agree. Is this really what the GOP has to offer? Palin? Jindal? I mean, come. on.


Episode 1 of ‘The District’ + AlphaCat

My favorite Obama impersonator, Iman Crosson (aka AlphaCat) is now the voice of President Obama on an incredibly bizarre Newsweek series called ‘The District.’ Here’s the description:

Ever wondered what it would be like if the makers of MTV’s hit ‘The City’ made a reality show about Obama’s first 100 days? Wonder no more. Check back Mondays for new episodes. 

I’m having real trouble figuring out why Newsweek’s youtube channel is putting this out… but it’s a pretty interesting spoof. Here’s episode 1:

LOL of the day

For the “Letters to the editor” section of the Anchorage Daily News:

Marijuana surely didn’t help them

Imagine how far Olympic great Michael Phelps and U.S. President Barack Obama might have gone if they hadn’t used marijuana.

— Fred Janvrin

Anchorage and Maui


Jay-Z: My President is Black (Remix)

Listen here:

OP’s continuing coverage of the ’08 election: special edition

No one would accuse me of being Ludacris’ biggest fan, but this is fairly note worthy. Ludacris put out a song entitled “Obama is Here.” It’s got a great beat and the lyrics aren’t that shabby. Since being put up on youtube three days ago, the, what I’m assuming was a fan-made video, has received over 25,000 hits.

Some of the lyrics are questionable as is some of the message, but having Ludacris and other rappers (like Jay-Z) get behind Obama does attest to the assertion that this is a different campaign than we’ve seen before. There is no doubt that it is exciting.

Listen to the song / Watch the fan-made video

I think Ludacris may have a bit of a man-crush on Senator Obama.

UPDATE: The more I think about it the more I dislike this song. As a pure and simple song, I like it; as a pro-Obama rally cry, I’m not a fan. I espeically dislike the lines about Hillary and about painting the White House black – it’s just not what this campaign is about.

Moveon.org releases amazing political ad – will you help?

The guys at MTV are apparently now allowing political ads to be aired on their network. One of the first ads to be aired is a GOP attack ad against Obama, calling him a flip-flopper. Moveon.org has responded with this amazing ad. The ad empowers through cleverness and humor.

I couldn’t image a better ad to be aired on MTV and I don’t mean that it the way you may be taking it. The ad is sharp and witty and grabs attention while entertaining.


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Note: the video even features Rider Strong of “Saved by the Bell”