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One of Pixar’s best films, yet.  You’ll be quickly whisked away by Brave.  Perfectly executed.



Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson delivers, again.  The story line is fresh and entertaining.  Perhaps most importantly, Anderson avoids simply mimicking his previous work.  That being said, this is definitely a film by Wes Anderson – that’s why I suspect many of us will see or have seen it.



You know, after seeing that this movie had something like a 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, I didn’t expect much. That being said, ‘Priest’ was a pleasant surprise. It could have used a little more vampire and the plot was a bit thin, but enjoyable nonetheless. What makes ‘Priest’ watchable is it’s authentic graphic novel feel in addition to it’s cowboy-western themes. Best film of all time? No way. Watchable? Yes.


Review: Bridesmaids

Hilarious. In my humble opinion, it’s “The Hangover,” just better (the comparison had to be made, right?). There are a few moments where things feel slightly disjointed, but those moments are completely outweighed by how fresh and funny this movie is. Go see it. You shall chuckle a great deal.


As a side note, who is this Melissa McCarthy? She’s funny as sh*t.

Ed Harris as McCain

From Politico.

Fifty Dead Men Walking

What’s this? A movie review on a site that was once almost exclusively dedicated to movie reviews? Yup! Well, sort of…

Fifty Dead Men Walking is based on a true story, stars Ben Kingsley (hooray!), Jim Sturgess, and Rose McGowen. It mainly takes place in the late ’80s and centers around the IRA and British Police in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

If you’re up for an intense, morbid, depressing, edge-of-your-seat film, I’d recommend this one.


Arcade Fire to re-release ‘The Suburbs’

Thanks to a good and loyal friend of Owl Pellets, I found out about this: The Arcade Fire is re-releasing ‘The Suburbs,’ because, you know, they won a Grammy. And maybe, just maybe the people at Who is The Arcade Fire? will finally get their answer!

From Perez Hilton:


Maybe now all the people that obnoxiously asked “Who are they?” when they won the Grammy will give them an actual listen now! Ha!

Indie faves Arcade Fire have announced that their award-winning 2010 album, The Suburbs, will be re-released on June 27th, with two new tracks called Speaking Tongues and Culture War, as well as a bonus DVD featuring a short film and a ‘making of’ documentary!

Hopefully this new material will hold us over until they’re ready to release another album in a year or two!

Probably not, but hey! We’ll be patient!

Looking forward to this one, guys!

So excited!