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St. Vincent and David Byrne.


I’m Back… With Love.

It’s been a long while since Owl Pellets has seen the likes of this contributor, but with a busy Missoula summer and subsequent online responsibilities being shoved my way, a long look back at previous posts and reviews has prompted a want to write and need for nostalgia. I rarely leave the city limits of Missoula, Montana these days — although I’m looking forward to some new experiences of the musical and artistic variety come July, when I make the trek to Australia — but this small-city-big-town in Western Montana has a lot of local promise; I’m looking forward to giving Owl Pellets readers (are you still out there?) a few samples of Montana’s unique Western flavor.

For now, though, I’ll look in the direction of a lovely Missoula Summer and the Garden City’s enthusiastic wait for Wilco on the 28th of this month. I spent most of this past Fall and Winter begrudging the band for not stopping through Missoula for their The Whole Love tour and was perhaps a little too excited when I stumbled across a small ad in the Independent that told me they’re going to be a part of the Big Sky Brewery Summer Concert Series; Blitzen Trapper is opening.

After multiple (and many more so) listens of The Whole Love under my belt since its release in September, I’m anxious to see how Jeff Tweedy and gang pull off the live version. I have the utmost faith that it will live up to my high and past-proven standards, but The Whole Love spotlights a new side to Tweedy, and whether their live show will or has changed is a question worth asking. I guess with that being said, I’ll let you know. With my Wilco-driven curiosity also comes the question of just how frequently I’ll be back here, on Owl Pellets.

…Nostalgia is quite the incentive.