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Electric Musique May Release A New Studio Album When It’s Finished

Around 2004 Electric Musique was formed. A number of “experimental” albums and EPs were released. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that Electric Musique really broke onto the scene with the hit album DiscoTechnician.

Anyways, Electric Musique spent the summer and fall of 2006 playing shows comprised mostly of songs from DiscoTechnician. After 2006, Electric Musique returned to more “experimental” music and released that “experimental” music prolifically. Prolifically. DiscoTechnician is really the only album Clark Magic, the f**kin’ mastermind behind Electric Musique, has called a “studio album.”

“Yeah. It’s a studio album – I used a mic and recorded the album with a computer. That’s a studio,” said Clark Magic.

Anyways, in the time since DiscoTechnician was recorded, Clark Magic, the f**kin’ mastermind, joined a number of side projects including The Stairwells, 2 In Tents, Penny Sleepover, The Cookie Is Yum, Thunder Tusk, Unionville, The In Turns, and a lot of other stuff having to do with music.

Anyways, some people have wondered (even lost sleep wondering) if Electric Musique would l ever return to the studio. It’s been seven years.

Well, the answer may be “yes.”

Rumors are swirling – SWIRLING! – that Electric Musique may be recording a studio album right now and that that album could be out this spring or summer or whenever it gets done.



Behind the curve: Donald Glover raps

In case you didn’t already know, Donald Glover raps. He has three studio albums, in fact. His latest album dropped last year. Yeah, behind the curve – we know. It’s not too bad. Sometimes it comes off a bit strained. Almost too clever by half. You’ll also feel like you’ve heard the rhymes on another album with better instrumentals (Glover does produce the album himself… so we won’t harp on that too much). However, you can’t knock him for references to things like “Sufjan Stevens.” Here’s a taste:

On another note, if you’ve never seen Mystery Team, you should.

“Northwest” by OM Native

From Oly, WA comes a great music video.

A Lady Gaga Song To Listen To

I actually really enjoying this song.

Feel Good Song of the Day

It’s out, but is it good?

Snoop Dogg Feat. Charlie Sheen – “Winning”

Seems like there are some way better remixes out there…

Today’s Feel Good Song